How a Locksmith Can Help You Choose More Secure Locks for Your Home!

With so many homes being broken into every year, homeowners must do everything to secure the doors, windows, and other potential entry points to their homes. Reliable security should be a top priority for you, and investing in the right locks can help you achieve this. Here are the different ways a residential locksmith can help you choose more secure locks for your home.

They can advise you on the right type of lock to use on your doors

We ask our locksmith Sherman Oaks experts about the different kinds of door locks commonly used on residential properties. Since not many people are up to date regarding door lock types, understanding the different residential door lock types will help when selecting the best locks to use. With that being said, let us begin learning about them!

Knob locks

Knob locks are the classic, inexpensive type of locks commonly used in residential doors. They are best used for interior doors, although there are also homes with doorknobs (usually paired with deadbolts) installed on exterior doors. In knob locks, the lock cylinder is in the knob instead of the door. Knob locks buckle easily under forceful impacts and are easy to pick, offering the least security among all lock types.


Deadbolts are probably the king of residential door locks. Their unique locking mechanism can resist forceful attacks and jimmying, making them more secure than keyed knobs. Deadbolts come in different cylinder types and lock grades, and which one to use depends on the level of security your door requires. If you want this lock for your door, better get the advice of a locksmith Los Angeles professional on which type and grade to choose.

Electronic and smart locks

Electronic and smart locks are now used in homes and apartment complexes. Homeowners install these locks because they are efficient and easy to use. They are very secure, and the combination key can be shared with multiple family members. However, electronic and smart locks have their share of vulnerabilities. For one, these locks are susceptible to extreme weather conditions, and access can be compromised during a power outage.

A locksmith can recommend the right type of lock to use on your windows

Windows are easy entryways for burglars to access as they are often less secure than doors. This is why it is wise to include your windows when improving home security. A professional lock and key service technician can inform you of the several types of window locks available to choose from.

Keyed locks

As their name suggests, keyed window locks require the use of a key to open or close the window. This type of lock is either mounted on the window frame or on the sliding window itself. Keyed locks are strong, durable, and made to last, and they are usually used to secure windows at high elevations.

Window latches

Window latches are inexpensive and simple security devices that can protect your home from intruders. They become more effective when reinforced with a deadbolt. Window latches are often installed on the top of a sash to secure the sashes together when they are shut.

Window pin locks

Window pin locks are installed on the window and window frame. The two parts of the lock attach together to prevent your window from opening. Intruders would have to remove the window pins from the window before they can be opened, making it almost impossible to open your window.

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